The Innovation Lab’s summer cohort of startups enjoyed some strong results. Here’s what the founders had to say in praise of the scholar consultants, their work and the business value realized in just six short weeks of innovative acceleration.

During this fall semester in the Innovation Lab, we’re working with twice the number of startups and four times the number of student innovators. We look forward to hearing what these founders have to say about the expected amazing results produced here in Quarter 4 of 2020.

Will share those results here at the semester’s end — and we have every expectation the scholar teams’ outputs will already be hard at work driving go-to-market business acceleration for the Lab’s startup class of Fall2020!

For more info, reach out to our director Dr. Maria Blekher here, and visit the Innovation Lab website here.


We are Yeshiva University’s startup accelerator — the product is insight.

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